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AgileBA® Foundation and Practitioner Course

What is it about?

The business analyst role is critical for successful agile projects and development. Despite this, there has been little in the way of detailed best practice guidance that directly addresses the role, responsibilities and skills of the Agile Business Analyst.

In partnership with the Agile Business Consortium and APMG International, PM Academy is delighted to offer AgileBA – a professional training and certification scheme to support those working in (or aspiring to) an Agile Business Analyst role. Our syllabus is based on the AgileBA Handbook, published by the Agile Business Consortium. The handbook offers useful, practical and comprehensive guidance on the role of the Business Analyst working in an agile way.

What does the course cover?

  • Many generic and popular agile techniques included.
  • The underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile
  • The processes within an Agile project
  • The practices used in an Agile project plus their benefits and limitations
  • The roles and responsibilities within an Agile project.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Agile Business Analyst role and responsibilities;
  • Context to the role beyond the individual project, in relation to organizational mission and strategy;
  • Additional depth, guidance and techniques for the Business Analyst role
    The practitioner training and certification aims to provide you with an understanding of:

  • How to apply the underpinning philosophy and principles of the DSDM Agile Project Framework
  • How to apply a variety of Agile practices in a project, e.g. Facilitated Workshops, MoSCoW Prioritisation, Iterative Development and Modelling
  • How to test, estimate and evaluate benefits delivery in an Agile project
  • The mechanisms for facilitation and support within an Agile project
  • The Agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements.

How is the Course presented?

Our experienced internationally accredited trainers deliver interactive and practical experiences through:

  • Classroom
  • Virtual instructor-led on Zoom (requires laptop and stable internet connection)
  • At your premises (for groups)
    This is an intensive 5-day course:

  • Foundation – 3 days
  • Practitioner – 2 days

Based on demand, training is run during the week, on weekends or alternately during evenings.

What is included?

  • Digital accredited course material
  • AgileBA® e-Book (hardcopy available upon request)
  • Sample questions and Case Studies
  • Foundation sample exam paper and answer sets
  • Full Practitioner sample exam paper, answer and rationale sets
  • 4 days training
  • Examination fees
  • PDU and CPD points (ask us)

How will I be examined?

Foundation Exam: Multiple choice, 40-minutes, closed book exam. Delegates must obtain 50% (25 out of the 50 available marks).

Practitioner Exam: Objective Test Exam (OTE), two and a half hour, multiple choice open-book exam. Delegates are presented with 4 questions worth 20 marks each. Delegates must obtain 50% (40 out of the 80 available marks).

    Exams can either be conducted as:

  • Classroom – online or paper based
  • Your premises – invigilated online by one of our invigilators
  • Exams are conducted during the training courses.

What’s in it for me?

On completion of the course delegates will be ableto:

  • Play an integral part in successful agile project delivery.
  • Understand a comprehensive set of techniques and practices for effective business analysis and collaborative agile working.
  • Utilise a range of agile business analysis techniques.
  • Help a team and its organization transition fromtraditionaltoagileways of working.


“I especially liked everything and the professionalism.”
AgileBA – Lebogang Mokgatlhe – November 2019
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