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Mentoring & Skills Assessment of Programme & Project

Mentoring & Skills Assessment of Programme & Project

Ensuring that the Project Managers in the organisation are skilled to deliver projects is of cardinal importance to an organisation, as failed projects may affect profitability, result in litigation and result in reputational risk. Project resources are scarce and organisations are under enormous pressure to delivering mission critical projects. As a result organisations cannot afford to release resources from project to attend training.

We believe a good Project Manager should have skills in people, business management, project methodologies and the theory of project management.

PM Academy is well positioned to assign experienced Programme and Project Professionals to coach and mentor your Programme and Project Managers whilst delivering projects. Our experienced professional will help your project staff to avoid the pitfalls and guide project staff on the practical elements of project delivery.

As a Persian Proverb states:

He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, shun him.
He who knows not and knows he knows not is a student, teach him.
He who knows and knows not he knows is asleep, wake him.
He who knows and knows he knows is wise, follow him.

Confirm Scope and Sign Contract : We confirm and finalise the mentoring scope, with specific attention to client specific requirements. The requirements are documented and a contract is negotiated and signed.

Conduct Skills Assessment : Our project management specialists will interview and assess the current skills of the Programme Managers, Project Managers and Project Administrators. This includes assessment on programme and project management sources such as PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), MoP®, AgilePM® and the PMBOK® Guide. The desired skills are compared to the current skills and a gap analysis is documented. Agreement is reached on the methods for skills development.

Prioritise Skills Development: The desired skills are prioritised and an action plan is produced to obtain the required level of skills.

Allocate Mentor : We ensure that our project management specialist mentors are matched to the project staff member. This approach provides the project management staff member with a project specialist they can relate to, thereby, fast tracking the learning experience.

Conduct Mentoring: The mentor implements the action plan with the project management staff member. Mentoring may be in the form of onsite, email or telephonic support.

Confirm Skills Achieved : The skills achieved is confirmed and documented. The action plan is revised to ensure currency and optimal achievement of skills and benefits.

Contractual Closure: A skills achievement report is produced and the contract is concluded.

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